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Breakfast/Lunch meeting
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Afternoon tea
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Dinner with friends
Dinner cruise
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M/Y Gaia is a 68 foot Italian Benetti Super Delfino from 1974. Located at arguably the best berth in the city in the middle of Strandvägen in Stockholm, she is the perfect choice for a day at sea or a breakfast meeting, after-work, business lunch, afternoon tea, dinner with the management team or just a nice evening with friends in a lovely setting at the quay or at sea.

M/Y Gaia can also be your transport, with snacks and bubbels, when you join the larger event. Or why not an exclusive meeting room for a confidential gathering.

In the warmer months, the M/Y Gaia can accommodate about 16 seated guests for dinner or lunch, and up to 24 for a mingle. When we cast off for cruises in beautiful Stockholm and the surrounding area, the maximum number of passengers is 12.

Enjoy the virtual tour to get a good understanding of M/S Gaia and its many beautiful areas.

Suitable number of guests

Seated guests in the lounge, 10 ppl (autumn and Christmas dinners)

Seated guests in lounge+roof deck, 16 ppl (spring and summer)

Mingling guests at the quay, approx. 20-25 ppl

Guests when at sea, 12 ppl

Autumn dinner at the quay (proposal)

You will be welcomed on board and depending on the weather you will mingle with snacks on the flybridge or on the aft deck under our beautiful chapel.

You will then enjoy a cosy autumn dinner in the saloon in a personal and delightful setting.

The evening concludes at 10pm.

Dinner cruise - AW with dinner (suggested)

You are welcomed on board at 4pm for a mingle with nibbles and bubbles.

We cast off, the sun shines and you have a great time up on the flybridge.

Dinner is served while cruising Stockholm's beautiful waterways.

We return to Strandvägen where you will have your main course and dessert.

The evening is rounded off at 10pm.

The cosiest Christmas dinner. Cruise or at the quay (suggestion)

You are welcomed on board with a hot drink and snacks. Mingle in the stern under our fine chapel.

We cast off and see Stockholm in its winter glory. Alternatively stop at the quay on the pleasant Strandvägen.

In the saloon, we are then treated to small servings that come in on plates.

Lovely and intimate feeling of Christmas.

The evening rounds off at 10pm.

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